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Click at each of these sites every day and advertisers will pay for a FREE donation (usually a few cents) to charities to purchase wildlands and save wildlife.

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 Race for the Big Cats!


Rainforest and Wild Lands

Save 350 sq ft+ a day

Land is saved on these sites by purchase for reserves via programs such as The Nature Conservancy's Adopt An Acre program. - Protect 223 sq ft of land every day, including 140 sq ft of Amazon Rainforest. Projects throughout the world including Brazil, USA, Mexico, Africa, Canada, Patagonia and Scotland. You can click each project once a day. Land is purchased via a range of organisations such as the World Land Trust, Nature Conservancy and Rainforest Conservation Fund.  - Save 7.4 sq ft of rainforest via the Nature Conservancy. - Save African savanna to create a national park in Tanzania (22 st ft/ 2 sq m day), and Amazon rainforest (22 sq m/2 sq ft day) via the Fondo de la Terra/Earth Fund. In Italian. Please note you can protect an extra 500+ (!) sq ft of land by clicking on the sponsor banners which have tools tip such as 'Clicca e proteggerai 50 metri di savana!' - For every click, $1 is donated to the Nature Conservancy to help save rivers throughout the Americas.(Limited time only) - 5 sq feet saved per day per sponsor. At 13/01/02, there were 6 sponsors = 30 sq ft. Funds used to expand the Isula Biological Preserve in Peru.  - Fund conservation projects in Brazil. You can vote on the projects which will get funds. - Save rainforest in Belize (21 sq ft/day via Nature Conservancy), and feed orphan chimps (via Jane Goodall Institute) - Rainforest purchased varies with the number of sponsors, at 13/01/02 was 3.5 sq ft/day, historical high of 44 sq ft/day - Save rainforest via the Nature Conservancy. 11.4 sq ft/day Save rainforest in Costa Rica. In German. Just click the 'STOP' button to stop the destruction. - Get an email account that saves rainforest - 5 sq ft/email sent - says 'Save 4.4 sq. ft. of Mexican Rainforest for Free by clicking below! ' This is another site by the owners of and The Rainforest/Hiunger site, and donates more to Friends of the Calakmul to purchase rainforest land. - at this site you can send free faxes and emails quickly to decision makers to try and save the environment, and save 201 square ft of rainforest with each one you send! Money for purchase is divided between 3 conservation organisations to purchase rainforest in 3 sites in South America. 

Save Animals

Amur Leopard: - There are only 30 Amur Leopards left in the wild. Help stop their extinction, with each click sponsors will donate 1 cent to WWF-Russia's conservation programs.
Big cats: - Contribute funds the the Wildlife Conservation Society's conservation programs for tigers, snow leopards and jaguars. - Help WWF and UNICEF, you can win prizes in a free lottery too! - The Iberian Lynx is considered the most endangered cat species and one of the 5 most endangered species in Europe. With this 'click and save' site you can help promote cork plantations, farmers planting these instead of other farms provides some habitat for the Lynx and makes corridors possible for Lynx to cross between forest habitats. On the left hand side there is a button saying: S.O.S. MENSAGEM NA GARAFFA: DE JA O SEU CLIQUE and click to make a free donation.  - help animal welfare programs. Donations go to the Fund For Animals and North Shore Animal Rescue League.
Oceans -  - help save all types of marine animals. Donations go to the charity Oceana. - Help with bird conservation research, and purchase of habitat in Mexico. Searching with the search engine on this page will protect 145 sq ft. - play game to save dolphins. - save bears. - save orangutans. - help Korean cats and dogs. - save seals from hunting.

Plant Trees
- Play a game like a 'virtual pet' tree. If you keep it alive for 30 days, they'll plant a real tree to reforest India. - Plant trees to reforest Amazon, 6 clicks = 1 tree - Plant trees in Canada, 20 clicks = 1 tree - 20 clicks plants 1 tree in USA via Global ReLeaf - Help habitat restoration in Brazil (click the 'De um clique na natureza' button) - save environment in Brazil. Click the '1' to sign up, then log in every day to donate - plant trees and other plants to restore critical wildlife habitats in Spain. 0.5 sq m (5.5 sq ft) per click. Via the charity FundacioNatura - Plant an oak tree in France. Says each day you can plant '25 cm square of oak forest'. (If you want to just buy a whole tree, it's \$55)

Other environment - reduce global warming - stop pollution - help stop carbon emissions - gives solar power to people in developing countries without power, via the charity SELF. Please note: you may need to click one of the sponsor's banners to donate, it is not clear.

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